Dear Parent,
I want you to understand the development of a child which takes place between the age group of 1 to 6 years. Every human being is undergoing a great transition in this period and is exposed to the maximum capacity of SELF GROWTH of his / her ownself on all levels, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional and Cultural.

Here in this period the capacity to develop on all these levels, in the future imbibed on his / her mind body spirit by the surrounding environment. It is too often required of children that they should adjust their selves to the world. But it would be more purposeful if the world adjust itself to the ways of the children in all its dealing with them.

Helping a child does not only mean pampering them all they want to satisfy their basic needs.

A small child of 3-6 years stepping out from his house where he is under loving care of the wing, now a days coming to the kindergarten trying to get the introduction of the big society of human being needs careful/watchful attention of its Mother/Father and Kindergarten, Thus needs the right guidance to learn, to write, to speak, to watch, to observe, to think, to memorise to express and so on ....

Dear Parent, this period of 1 to 6 years of age is highly sensitive, collecting the full strength and capacity bloom one day & swing alongwith the breeze with its own beautiful shape, attractive colour and splendid fragrance. This period is a period of being a bud to bloom into a flower. This is like a small plant having the roots & delicate stem, tender leaves containing the capacity to grow into a big tree. When the small plant grows in the jungle independently with natural environment it grows with its full force. But when it is planted in the garden the gardener has to provide it with all the necessary things & take care with a watching eye till it grows fully into a big tree.

Here for the child of three years of age you & we are having a joint responsibility to play the role of a gardener.

"There would be no great one if there were no little one's"

Warm regards......
(Praveen Maben) - Counsellor